Founded in 1995, Uttam School for Girls has built a legacy of excellence in education in the last 25 years. We provide a learning environment which nurtures the physical, intellectual and emotional growth of our students. Our vision is to nurture the girls of today to become the leaders of tomorrow. We aim to develop a strong character in each of our students and instill in them humane values, respect for oneself and another and equip them with the ability to face life’s challenges with dignity.

Happy classrooms that lay the foundation for a meaningful value-centric education are the hallmark of Uttam School. We promote a culture of independent thinking in a safe and unconstrained environment. Here, each child matters and is encouraged to build upon her strengths at her own pace.

Our teaching and learning methods help children grow holistically so much so that our development and learning objectives are multidimensional. The pastoral care provided by the school ensures our students remain physically healthy, mindful, emotionally safe, culturally and spiritually aware, aesthetically creative and competent in society and the learning process.

The bond shared between the teachers and students plays a very eminent role in this process of development. As good mentors and friends, our teachers use the strategies of mindfulness, physical activities, simulation games, yoga and meditation for happy classrooms that teach them resilience and are conducive to holistic development.  These are treated as ‘empowering tools’ which are helpful in meeting the myriad challenges of the contemporary social world. The complete focus is on training the mind, body and soul which itself is not detached from values.

The school has adopted experiential learning as a cornerstone of its mission and recognizes the inherent value in teaching by providing direct experiences. Our child-centered approach gives our students ample opportunities to construct their own theories of how the world works and achieve their goals. Uttam School not only provides well educated individuals to the society, it also aims at nurturing learned, physically fit and socially and emotionally competent individuals with a broad perspective.


B Block, Shastri Nagar, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201002, India

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