The Palace School has a vision of a world that lives in peace and harmony and aims to nurture its children as responsible citizens of tomorrow who shall work to create an environment based on interdependence and respect for all life forms. The institute founded by Princess DiyaKumari of Jaipur, provides education to children from all strata of society. A number of under privileged children are given free education apart from those who are taken in under the RTE category.The school lays stress on holistic development of the child by not laying over emphasis on teaching the three Rs. It caters to the physical, mental, emotional and psychological growth of the students. Our educational settings are designed to fit and respond to the needs of children, their interests, abilities and potential. Characterised by 'liberty with responsibility,'the school honours the child's right to pursue activities appropriate to his rich cultural environment. It endeavors to provide an environment that will prepare the child to forge ahead with enthusiasm, confidence and resilience.

Our pedagogy is inspired from educational theories which focus on innovative teaching methodologies, catering to multiple intelligence and various learning styles. It is our endeavour to understand how children acquire knowledge and how they learn best according to their nature of intelligence. The teaching - learning and evaluationprocess is deeply influenced by Bloom's taxonomy, Howard Gardener's multiple intelligence theories and Kolb's theory of learning styles. A child in our school is an active, engaged learner and we ensure that the children in our
school hone their thinking, creative, analytical, application and problem solving skills. This is done by making the class room an active hub of learning wherein the children can often be found engaged in stimulating activities which make their learning experience impactful and joyous.

The environment of our school is one that promotes mutual respect for all forms of diversity be it faith, cultural, intellectual, physical, linguistic amongst others. A lot of emphasis is laid on the health and physical education aspect. Children are allowed to explore various sports at a younger age and once they identify which sport they resonate with, they pick it up seriously by taking specialised coaching from their school coaches. Special care is taken to ensure that inclusion is followed in the playground as it is followed in the classrooms. The staff and students have regular sensitization programmes engendering a healthy, inclusive environment.The school has a special multidisciplinary unit called 'The Magic Pie' which runs regular sensitization programmes for all stake holders of the school. Equipped with an occupational therapist, speech therapist and special educators, this department provides special care, guidance and support to children, and the parents of the children who have specific learning disorders or other special needs. The general educators are given basic in house training in identifying children with SLD and are regularly guided towards adopting differentiated teaching - learning and evaluation processes.

So to sum it up briefly, The Palace School empowers the students to become strong, compassionate, well balanced human beings.


Jaleb Chowk, City Palace, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302002

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