It is with immense pride and gratitude that all of us, at The Kalyani School, accept the award that has been bestowed upon us, as one of the Top 40 Leading Schools of India. This award is extra special, because we have been chosen from amongst thousands of schools all across the country, based on opinion polls, parent surveys and market research. For a school that is only five years old, it is an honour to be a part of a forum that is looking to make a change in education and how it is imparted.

Our school is a little away from the center of the city, in the midst of open fields and clean air, which itself makes it stand apart. Unlike most new schools, we have a large, open campus with state of the art facilities and large playgrounds. Although giving great infrastructure to our students is important to us, what makes us stand apart is a dedicated team of staff members, who are very ably led by our Principal, Mrs. Nirmal Waddan. Since our inception, the school has won many awards in the field of education, both scholastic and co-scholastic, and we are very proud of all our achievements. But needless to say, we cannot rest on our laurels, and we try to be innovative, and improve and enhance our output each and every day.

What makes our school stand apart from others in Pune, is that we believe in a strong partnership between the school, the parent and the student. For the best outcomes, it is essential for this tripartite relationship to work in sync. We also give our students opportunities to participate in many co-curricular activities, in and outside the school. We agree that good academic results are a key part of good education, and in our school, we constantly strive to achieve excellence in it. But, that is not our soul objective, when we talk of holistic education. We also try to instill in our student's good values, discipline, life-skills and confidence. For that, each and every child of our school gets a chance to perform on stage, compete on the sports field and participate in group activities.

Another important aspect that we try to inculcate in our students is a love for the environment, and an awareness of its plight. We feel it is imperative that our children realize from a young age that they need to make a change, and that they need to educate adults about all the wrong that is still being done to our planet. Hopefully, in our midst too, there is a Greta Thunberg waiting to shine. We are very grateful to the Leading Schools Corp, and especially the country head Mrs. Sabina Sehgal, for acknowledging our school’s role, in making a change in the field of education. We consider our responsibility to have increased with this honor. We accept the mantle, and look forward to participating in its future events, and learning the best practices from around the country, because after all, we all want the best for the future citizens of India.


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