The school follows the Educational philosophy of Sri Sathya Sai Baba according to whom the purpose of Education is Character building and it is for life and not only for living. SSSVV is a no profit no loss organization. We aim to cater to all stratas of society offering holistic education in the truest sense. The school is a modern gurukul entrenched in the Indian Culture and its beautiful values wherein a strong bonding between the teacher and the taught is encouraged and nurtured. It is a home away from home for all children.

We give abundant exposure to children in the fields of Creative and Performing Arts, Sports, Communication Skills etc. In fact our school English faculty has a created an extremely effective communicative skills program of our own which is a unique feature in our school. We also emphasize on giving ample exposure to children in the fields of Creative and Performing Arts as well as Sports & Social service.

In the Middle level, children are trained in many activities, compulsorily, for example Food Craft, Needle Craft, DIY, Personality Development, Calligraphy etc. The purpose of this is to equip the children with all weapons in the armory, helping them stand boldly in the battlefield of life, later. Academics is an integral component of this entire school Education offered to a child.

The team of Sathya Sai teachers is arguably the BEST in the country in terms of knowledge, competence and commitment. The academic results are a sure indication of where the school stands academically in the city of Indore and India. As students get to the higher classes they get into serious social service and other activities, helping them hone their leadership qualities. At the Primary level, we encourage children to build skill sets, attitudes and values and discretion to utilize the available knowledge and evaluate it. Importance is accorded to skills like problem solving, critical thinking, creative thinking, reasoning, the ability to connect with various things etc. We have created our own curriculum in EVS, which is also more practically applicable and student friendly.

Last, but not the least, as soon as a child is admitted in school, an inventory of the child is made with all details of Grand Parents, Parents and the Child herself. This is regularly upgraded as the child blossoms grows up. This inventory is an indicator when the time comes, to which profession or stream the child will be most suitable for. Also, we are acquainting our students of classes IX to XII to varied courses and professions available for them to seek in today’s changing times through workshops, Webinars, university visits besides joining hands with Univariety since three years to help children determine their right career path.


Scheme No. 54, A B Road, Near C-21 Mall, Vijay Nagar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452010, India

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