Little Angels High School is situated in the ‘Fortified City’ of Gwalior—a historic and picturesque place of India, known for its palatial building, swerving mountains, and its tall, winding fortress which was hailed by Babar, the first Mughal Emperor of India, as “The Queen of Indian Fortresses”. LAHS is situated in the lap of a green plateau and is almost 5 kilometres away from the downtown Gwalior, thus making it a peaceful abode for concentrated education of children. An Abode of holistic education, LAHS takes education in its full integrity. The School does not only focus on academic excellence but also incorporates well-integrated moral-spiritual education to mould children into morally upright citizens of tomorrow. It believes that only such children will be able to make meaningful contribution to the advancement of human society.

Little Angels High School believes, as enunciated by Baha’u’llah—the Prophet Founder of the Baha’i Faith—that "All human beings have been created to carry forward an ever-advancing civilization." In order to translate this vision into a coherent and viable strategy for the future, the foundations of Little Angels School were laid in 1990 with primary classes, and with a handful of students and teachers. Today it has developed into a High School and one of the most sought-after educational institutions of Gwalior with a strength of over 2500 students and a teaching fraternity of over 150 well-trained & qualified teachers.


LAHS Vision Statement:

"We are dedicated to mould children into world citizens of tomorrow equipped with state-of-the-art knowledge, moral attributes, spiritual insight, dedication and love for the human kind through application of latest educational tools and personality development programmes in frequent collaboration with like-minded institutions. With international teaching standards, a team motivated to perform, and continuous striving towards excellence, we wish to provide an environment that leads to wholesome unfolding of a student’s potentials.”


LAHS Mission Statement:

Little Angels High School aspires of being an institution where all the staff are trained to perform efficiently, where the organizational structure is clear and made up of many departments working together harmoniously, where authorities, responsibilities and accountabilities are well-defined, where responsibilities are based on capabilities, where performance is evaluated regularly and all are encouraged to improve, where staff use consultation to solve problems at the appropriate level, where policies are clearly documented and reviewed regularly, where information circulates efficiently, and where good character, unity, punctuality, justice, honesty, truthfulness, dedication, collaboration and spirit of service are core values upheld by all.


Mahadji Nagar, Shivpuri Link Road, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. 474001

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