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The Hyderabad Public School is a co-educational, day-cum-residential school in Hyderabad, known as the ‘Pearl City’ of India. This is one of the oldest school of Hyderabad which used to be the majestic capital of Andhra Pradesh and now the capital of a nascent state, Telangana.

The School was founded as back as in 1919 with the joint efforts of a British Director General H. Weikfield and Mir Osman Ali, the Seventh Nizam. The school was fashioned after the celebrated Eton College of London and provided world-class education to the sons of Jagirdars. 

The land for the School was donated by various Jagirdars and, especially, by Lady Vicar-Ul-Umra who donated 89 acres of land from her Begumpet Estate.

In 1923, the Jagirdar College opened its portals to five students and six teachers under the first Principal Mr. H.W. Shawcross, who is popularly known as the Founder of this glorious school. The first batch appeared for Senior Cambridge ‘O’ levels in 1929. By 1930, the strength of the School had risen to 150.

The Hyderabad Public School Society was formed under the Societies Registration Act to take over the management of the School after abolition of the Jagirdari System in 1950. Admission was then open to all, irrespective of caste, creed or social status. In 1951, it came to be christened as the Hyderabad Public School and was affiliated as a member of the Indian Public Schools Conference (IPSC). In 1952, the former President of India, late Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, was appointed as the first Chairman of the The Hyderabad Public School Society, Mr John W.R. Kempe was appointed as the first Principal of the School and in 1962, Mr. Kuruvilla Jacob was appointed as the first Indian Principal of the School.


Currently, this day and Boarding school is affiliated to the ICSE Board. The school’s educational philosophy is rooted in its rich heritage and values with the objective to provide students with essential moral values together with avant-garde academic skills. HPS aims to provide holistic education, facilitating students to achieve their optimum potential and equipping them to meet the challenges of life with a passion for continuous learning.

The Hyderabad Public School’s Principal Mr. Skand Bali, M.A., B.Ed. has an illustrious career as a teacher as well as an administrator.



Nestled in the midst of approximately 152 acres, The Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet comprises an imposing cluster of buildings that houses its academic habitat and residential accommodation.

Vincent Esch, a British architect, was specially appointed to design the campus using the western architectural grammar of formal symmetry blended with Osmanian and Deccan styles. Its balanced composition of magnificent domes, turrets, arcades and serrated parapets make The Hyderabad Public School one of the city’s heritage landmarks and a portrait of its cultural matrix.  The school building has been the proud recipient of INTACH HERITAGE AWARD for historic conservation.



The Library is a treasure house with more than 25,000 books & periodicals, mainly in English, Urdu and Telugu languages.  This Library has a Reading Hall and Gallery which is steeped in a quaint, old world charm besides facilities for e-learning, staff as well as student references richly appointed in the heritage style, with an Etiquette Training wing for personality skills.


Facilities & Aesthetics

HPS has state-of-the art facilities for catering to holistic education. They include: expansive classrooms,  science and computer labs, a Centre for Music and Performing Arts, a full-fledged Hospital, a sound recording studio, choir gallery and an impressive amphitheater for outdoor stage/street performances, a stable with 8 horses, gymnasium, golf driving range, lap pool and an indoor sports complex with a variety of court games.

The Principal’s Bungalow is a stately residence built in the classical Doric style out of stone and lime. Staff housing and various ancillary buildings are scattered across the campus. The entire campus is secured by a modern surveillance system and patrolling.

Owing to its uncluttered area, the vast open acreage of The Hyderabad Public School, the campus is a virtual rain water recharging catchment for the entire urban ward in the heart of the city.  The Hyderabad Public School’s tree lined pathways, scenic views, natural rock formations and animal and bird life habitat in the heart of the city with a stream which was once called Kallavery flowing through the campus provides a natural ambience for the holistic development of the student.



The Hyderabad Public School recognizes the importance of modern Technology in Schools. There’s a whole world of tools online that allow teachers to provide more skill-building knowledge than ever before.

The School has 3 Computer Labs for the 3 different segments, Primary, Middle and Senior School with approximately 220 computers for use by students and staff. A WIFI network is provided at 3 locations on the School campus with a Cyber Roam Hardware Firewall. The Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet is the first GAFE (Google Apps for Education ) registered School with 5000 users with an unlimited storage space for the School on Google Cloud.

The 100+ classrooms are equipped with digital devices-SMART BOARDS supported by e-content from TATA Class Edge. LOGO is taught to students of the Primary, ‘C’ Programming Language in class 8 while the JAVA Programming Language is introduced to students of the Senior School. Robotics is an interesting co-curricular activity that is provided to students of classes 6-8.



It is important for Schools to have well equipped Laboratories. Effective teaching and learning of Science involves seeing, handling and managing real objects and materials. The Physics Lab Is a place where students find answers to their questions by performing procedures, collecting and analyzing data, gaining hands on experience and acquiring scientific habits that help them engage in active learning. The Biology Lab also supports activity based learning with Binocular, Compound and Dissecting Microscopes. The Lab has Dissecting kits and Human skeletons (Fibre model and one with real bone). The Chemistry Lab is connected with a separate LPG Plant.  The Lab is an interesting center for study of common food adulterants, adorned with live sketches of scientists, PH Colour Charts, Laboratory First Aid Kits, Charts, Models, Glass apparatus which encourage volumetric titrations, qualitative analysis and chromatography experiments.



The school provides 2 synthetic and 4 cemented basketball courts, 6 Hockey fields, 8 Football fields, 4 volleyball courts, 4 Tennicoit courts and 3 clay courts, 2 synthetic Tennis courts, 1 obstacle course and at the rear of the campus, bordered by the old Begumpet airport is the Basalath Jah Stadium that is the venue for the Annual School Sports Day. It has an 8 lane track and right next to it are 6 practice nets, I turf wicket and 2 matting wickets for cricket. Shooting range, Gymnasium, Open Air Theatre.


Co-curricular Activities:

The students are offered a wide range of co-curricular activities- Recitation, Theatre, Public Speaking, Sculpture, Contemporary Dance, Archery, Clay modeling, Pottery, Cookery, Space Club, Calligraphy, Martial Arts, Boxing, Chess, Robotics, Quiz, Rock Climbing, Photography and a Science Club. Everything you can imagine is real. That is what Art is all about. The School’s Art and craft paradise encourages children to understand colour themes and creatively explore themselves through drawing, painting and sketching.


1-11-87 & 88 , S.P. Road, Begumpet,Hyderabad, Telangana, India, Pin Code: 500016

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