As pioneers of global community townships, the Hiranandani Groups of Companies is well known for iconic architecture and world-class amenities that includes state-of-the-art Schools. The first School in Powai then in Thane and expanding across India. The Hiranandani Foundation School, a co-educational English medium ICSE school founded in 1990 by the Hiranandani Foundation, a registered charitable trust.

What is different in the Hiranandani Foundation Schools At the Hiranandani Foundation School we believe in providing education without the restriction of constraints of any sort. Here we are proud to mention that we have the state of the art infrastructure. The well ventilated and bright classrooms provide the necessary ambience for energizing the young minds of our future. The playgrounds that surround our school, allow the students to channelize their energies and provide holistic development of their minds and bodies.

Message from trustees:

We had a dream to give back to society the chance for a complete life. We had a dream to give to our children the childhood that they deserved. We had a dream to make our children confident in themselves and the world around them. We had a dream that our children would dare to dream of a better tomorrow. Our aim is to integrate every family into a bigger, more inclusive community. We are cognizant of the fact that we have maneuvered successfully through a turbulent time in this industry’s history. As we move forward, we will carry our legacy forward proudly and will persevere to take it to new heights through a committed adherence to the values that we stand for. These values manifest in our passion for perfection and endless innovation and advancements.

Our Mission

  • We nurture students with a constant focus on learning and vertical planning.
  • We believe in fostering international mindedness among students through critical thinking and inquiry based learning reality.
  • We churn out caring young people with the sole aim of creating a peaceful world based on mutual respect and understanding

Our Objectives

  • Establish Parameters to measure the effectiveness of good value system and create social awareness by organizing programmes and field events every term.
  • To conduct activities and training to promote physical fitness through participation in various sports feats so that the absenteeism due to incapacity of physical nature reduces by 1%
  • To foster better understanding and application of communication skills by developing oratory, writing and leadership skills and measure its effectiveness every term.

Within a span of 2 decades, under the aegis of the Hiranandani Foundation School, the trustees ventured into the International Curriculum offering IBDP in 2008. The educational Programme at HFS International has been designed to develop students to become knowledgeable, reflective, balanced and proactive citizens of the world. The programme is aimed in promoting international mindedness through the process of inquiry, practical learning and thoughtful actions. To this extent HFS International has molded the curriculum in a manner that allows students to explore their academic and extra curricular pursuits, while constantly challenging themselves. Furthermore we encourage students to embrace diverse cultural perspectives so as to prepare them for the global milieu.

We believe that children have a natural inclination to learn, and hence, the best way to educate them is by tapping the latent talent of children and tuning them to achieve meaningful ends. At Hiranandani Foundation School International (HFSI), we provide an environment that focuses on shaping children not only into global professionals but also become good citizens. The inception of HFS International from HFS took place in early 2008. At HFS International academics is not the only focus, emphasis is also laid on a number of extracurricular activities. Through vocational subjects, greater interaction and non-academic
exercises, students are encouraged to develop their hidden talents. Only to introduce them to a better way of life! At HFS International we provide unique learning styles and imbibe the need for international standards. The engaging and thoughtful learning environment of our small classes fosters the development of the child as an enthusiastic lifelong learner. Our school promotes high standards of education, discipline and citizenship in a supportive, international community. We adhere to our principles of educating a child as a complete individual. The school boast of excellent infrastructure with an excellent playground, the well-equipped laboratories, wide open Spaces, plethora of sports, varied recreational, opportunity to participate in challenging competitions, exposure to career days for aspiring students
planning to go abroad and for students who plan to stay back in India.


Orchard Avenue, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai,Mumbai - 400 076
022-2570 4884 / 2576 3000

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