"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all."

The messiah of philosophy, Aristotle stated. Gurukul The School actualises this through vision, culture and actions. Gurukul The School is a safe harbour for "Traditionally Sharp, Progressively Focused" alpha generation. Preparing and presenting all that constitutes 21st century leaders adorned with smart skills and rich values, Gurukul The School is an established name in the list of consistently excellently performing educational institutes today. This scion of excellence saw the daylight when an ensemble of new generation educationists, eminent civil servants and academicians laid the foundation of a common goal - creating a School with Heart and an Institute with Values. Unfailing efforts thereon were invested to ensure that this dream was lived every moment and translated into reality, soon after.

The present day co-educational Senior Secondary School, ranking amongst country top notch, is spread in sprawling 11 acres campus. The present day elite set up was planted after acquiring a three years' high-spirited expertise in Primary level education, in a tiny set up in the vicinity. The overwhelming list of recognitions and acknowledgements, endowed upon the School by eminent surveys amply testifies the efforts being invested along this rewarding journey. A shining star among the galaxy of premier educational institutes, Gurukul The School sits prestigiously amongst The National Progressive Schools Conference. Ranked COUNTRY TOP 1 in Individual Attention to Students, the School settles with poise among Top 5 schools of Ghaziabad and NCR from four years consecutively. The humongous list of accomplishments is bedecked/embellished gracefully with World Education Award, School Excellence Award, Global Education Award as Most Inspirational School, Outstanding School Award, The White Swan Award for Excellence In Education, Pioneering Life Empowerment Award.

Gurukul's list of accomplishments does not cease here. They are the proud recipient of Best Innovative Practices & Experiential Learning School Award, The Destination School Award, School of Future Award, The Most Innovative K12 School Award, Inspiring Educator of NCR Award, The Social Impact Award “For Valuable Contribution to the Society through various social initiatives"; Leading School of Ghaziabad Award, Teaching Excellence in Sports & Excellent School in Sports Infrastructure Award to just name a few. School premises located at an alluring and picturesque setting of Ghaziabad houses all the amenities and infrastructural essentials that stand the most stringent standards of excellence. The periphery of the School brims with an aromatic spell of positivity. The School Culture expresses through students' demeanor, soft skills, warmth and hospitality making the campus unforgettably endearing for guests, visitors, parents and dignitaries. School's official website, Facebook page, Alumni blogs are the standing testimony of enthusiasm experienced by visitants here.

Perching over and above all this, is the overwhelming record of excellence on performance matrix in terms of exemplary leadership, unprecedented success trails of learners, satisfaction statistics of employees as well as stakeholders along with the ever-widening
accomplishment list of alumni. Established with a conviction to identify the uniqueness within every child, the school is a known name, in the State and the City for its world class learning environment, Core Value system and state of the craft structuring. Framed in the exuberant encasements of flora and fauna- away from the combustion of busy city, Gurukul is a place where pedagogies are continually synchronized with changing paradigms and emerging trends, innovations are mapped with the rate of development in order to contribute to the steady rise in students' learning curve and make them ready for the outside world with its tidal wave of challenges as well as opportunities.

Gurukul alumni are settled in most eminent institutes ranging from the Oxford University to the top notch Indian colleges like The Hindu, St. Stephens, Miranda House to name a few. Gurukulites are versatile and so is their establishment in diversified fields. They secure places in IIT, NIT and IIM; they have propelled with equal verve in fields such as medicine, engineering, Law, sports, print & tele-media, glamour world and showbiz; they are proving their mettle in tough-end platforms such as KYP, SAT, JEE and NEET.
Gurukul The School has proven itself to be a sanctum sanctorum of learning where students are keen while studying, tough while playing, analytical while experimenting, passionate while performing and inquisitive while exploring. At Gurukul The School, learners are
encouraged to 'compete with the self' and grow a notch up with each performance instead of racing against the world. Globally acknowledged parameter of excellence, the  'Happiness Index' alights in the top list of priorities.

Social responsibility, leadership skills and environmental sensitivity are ingrained in Gurukul ambassadors from very early years. Their inspired participation is sought and involved in various community outreach projects and social welfare Initiatives including School's in-house enterprise Project Ishwar along with its collaboration with SSSAV [Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vahini]. Students expand their arch of communal responsibility as the 'Agents Of Change'. Through value education and life skill lessons imparted regularly to children of District prison inmates, children of remote and rural areas, Gurukulites have brought a significant number of under privileged children to mainstream education in nearby Government institutes. Proliferating 'Modernity with Tradition' through CORE VALUE system and cross cultural education-cum-thought-exchange programmes are a part and parcel of School's pioneering and progressive outlook. Through rewarding tie-ups with Rotary, Interact, CUCAI, RCSC, UNESCO, Chinmaya Mission, Helpage, Goonj, Heritage Club, Friends For Change, TERI, Saviours et.al. social responsibility and global denizenship is hailed wholeheartedly by School and its ambassadors.

At Gurukul The School, education is a touchstone, non speakers emerge eloquent and stage- shy children attain confidence to perform without inhibition.  Through rigorous training regimen, career counselling, academic support programmes, project based and integrated approach to learning, seamless synchronisation of pedagogies with the rate of development, critical appreciation and reflective thinking are fostered instead of compartmentalizing theories. The happiness quotient of Team Gurukul reflects through record minimum attrition rate, employee's satisfaction, their positive attitude and inspired performance on productivity matrix. Here the human resource is involved with feeling of ownership. They are valued enough to participate in defining the processes 'why, what and how' rather than being mere executioners of the defined processes. The vision of the organization reverberates through all processes and the institute lies at the top of all hierarchies. Not an iota of doubt, then persists that Gurukul The School, under the stewardship of its young and vision-driven Director Mr. Sachin Vats has set the legacy of setting new benchmarks with the progression of each academic year. Gurukulites are brilliant performers in academics, Gurukulites are street smart, Gurukulites
and value driven, Gurukulites are compassionate, Gurukulites know that their race is with their own selves and they stand second to none. In a nutshell, with such expository heights that Gurukul The School has scaled within a few years of its making, the success trail is sure to steer smoothly to blaze a trail.


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