DPS Bangalore South was established in 2001 with a mission to create a system that is built on contemporary principles of education. The school is built towards creating a system that is fabricated on contemporary principles of education. The school continuously strives to remain abreast with modern teaching methods to fulfil and respond to the rapidly evolving needs and expectations of the global community. The school was RANKED 1 among all schools in Bangalore in the Times of India survey for
the current year. Students are mentored to achieve excellence in Scholastic and extracurricular arenas. The school facilitates diverse activities all year round so that not only the objective of inclusive education is fulfilled but model values and strength of
character is enhanced to build individual and collective capacity which will contribute to future human capital of the nation. Various confluences are organised by the school to inculcate twenty first century skills like negotiation, conflict resolution and cooperation in students.


Our vision is to create happy and excited learning spaces that would proffer quality education. We believe in empowering our children through an attitudinal, structural and cultural process so that they gain the ability, authority and agency to make decisions and adapt to change. We believe in fostering a strong value system and facilitating the evolution of our children to become the means to progressive thought processes and thereby assist in nation building.


Our mission is to create a school system that is built on sound fundamentals. The intent is to strive towards excellence by responding to changing needs and expectations of the digital global community. The focus is to design a curriculum that encompasses the
brilliance of academics, skill training and values to enhance intellectual competence, dynamism, versatility and character.


Bikasipura Main Road, Vikram Nagar, Kumaraswamy Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
+91 8026668581, +91 8026668582

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