Best Schools in South India

Searching for the Best School in South India? Here is a Glimpse of Top Ones

Deciding a school for your child to enroll in is the second most crucial part of your parenting, apart from deciding to have kids in the first place. Finding the best schools in South India for your child can be drudgery for you, but this decision should be flawless as it will be shaping his or her successful career. In this era of rat race, the good news is that you will find many options beyond the public schools where your kid will be receiving the best possible education and environment for facilitating their process of learning most efficaciously. The best schools in South India should have many factors such as experienced faculty, healthy environment, modernity access to students, the existence of extracurricular activities, top infrastructure, and much more. Here is a list of the top schools, which are considered to be one of the best schools in South India for the kids stepping in the world of education.

Shape Your Child’s Future in These Top Schools

Top Schools in Telangana

  1. Phoenix Green School of Learning – Being awarded as one of the most excellent CBSE Schools in Hyderabad, this school has much more in its achievement to be noted. Your kid will be getting a full structured academic environment to fulfill his education needs. The extensive range of amenities covers all types of curricular as well as extra-curricular activities. Your child will be trained in this top school to become independent, zestful, adaptable as well as open-minded in this changing world. Students are taught to make a life, not living. The students of Phoenix Greens have excelled in many domains, from academics to activities, not only on the domestic level but also on an international scale.

The Hyderabad Public School – Established in the year 1923, the Hyderabad Public School is older than the Indian Republic. The school has been spread over a lush green campus of 122 acres with rich patrimony and values. The residential school has world-class amenities where your kid will go through an utterlyincredible and encouraging journey. The list of their accreditations and awards is too long to be listed here, but this top school is well recognized to provide holistic and empathetic education.

Top Schools in Karnataka

GEAR Innovative International School – Founded in the year 1995 with affiliation to CBSE, New Delhi, this school mainly focuses on developing your child’s intelligence to perform, learn, remember, and understanding. What’s the difference in any other school and GEAR Innovative International School? Why should you call it the best schools in South India? Have you ever imagined teaching your kid subjects such as Math, Science, History, or English with the use of song, theatre, activities, and games? This school does it, making the learning process for your child more enjoyable so that the concepts are grasped in a better way. With high-class amenities, the school creates independent thinkers and future leaders.

Ryan International School – Ryan International School, a part of Ryan International Group of Institutions has many branches around the nation, with two branches in the vicinity of Bangalore. The school not only develops your child’s academic skills but also focuses on creative abilities, physical development, psychological strengths, social responsibility, and brilliance. The remarkable educational experience which Ryan International School holds for its students is compiled with technological advancements with a commitment towards nation building with future leaders.

Your Final Step

After selecting the best schools in South India on you should contact and schedule an appointment with the school. Touring the schools during regular school hour will give you a more broad idea about these top schools. Once you are satisfied, you should apply to enroll your child before the admission closes. The selection criterion for these top schools in South India is not too easy, and therefore, you and your child must be prepared. It is better that you learn about the admission criteria for the schools before proceed with the enrolling process with the best schools in South India. Don’t forget, getting your child enrolled and admitted to the best schools in South India is not only your right but your responsibility as well, so that your child can seek the best education to endeavor in the future.

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