"When learning and teaching continually improves, everything improves."
Nelson Mandela

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort. This is what we strive to realize through Leading Schools of India. We believe that, like everything else, education needs to be in a ‘progressive mode’, especially in this fast-changing world. As we see, the number of schools is rapidly on the rise with fast expansion of education. However, the question is: are all these schools worldwide and especially in India, ready to embrace the change which has become inevitable in today’s progressive, global society? What elements are needed to be imbibed in delivery of education so that it meets the needs of time, is compatible with international standards and is able to review and evaluate its outcome in order to improve? In other words, how many of them are truly ‘Leaders’ in the arena of children education?

In an attempt to answer these questions, ‘Leading Schools of the World’™ – a Trademark licensed owned and operated by the Leading Schools Corp. located at Delaware, USA. – came into existence. Leading Schools of India is the Indian offshoot of this global organization.

We are an elite organization striving to add a new dimension to schools worldwide by creating a unique progressive environment for the new age global kids. As we all are aware, we live in a rapidly changing time where only a progressive outlook can ensure our survival and growth. This calls for changing the mind sets of our school leaders and bind them in a common vision as well as unity of purpose so that a fostering environment is created for optimizing the inherent potential, aptitude and creative instinct of every child.

At ‘Leading Schools of India, we are dedicated to help the member schools to excel and create new benchmarks in the field of children’s education by continuously raising their own standards.

We believe that in this age of rat-race, quality schools have to make a niche for themselves by adopting best practices, best technology, inclusiveness, care for environment, contribution to the human society and smart pedagogy to cater to the developmental needs of every child.

With such a holistic mission and far-sighted strategies, we continue to increase our membership in India and are eager to collaborate with them. We believe that the member schools will learn from the experiences of one another and ‘grow together’ leveraging from this rich milieu of insights gained from schools creating a benchmark in different settings and nurturing children from varied backgrouds.

To reiterate, the ‘Leading Schools of India intends to help its member schools excel and create new benchmarks in the field of education by continuously raising their own standards.

Undoubtedly, this goal is very ‘intangible’ and cannot be immediately measured in terms of ‘material deliverables’. However, in course of time its visible results will manifest themselves in many countable terms. Moreover, every organization keeps evolving along its experience with increasing participation of its members and continuous consultation with them. As such, the purpose of and the services rendered by LSI will keep crystallizing with the passage of time. At this juncture, we do not intend to involve into tall talks.

Moreover, LSI gives the quality schools of India a common, globally-connected platform for learning and sharing as well as for bringing their noble efforts into limelight, because if the world does not know you as a ‘Quality’ school, all your efforts will be like winking in the dark.

‘Leading Schools of India is an accrediting body but it is far different from other accrediting agencies which often give out a ranking based on material gains. Accordingly, their so-called ‘Ranking’ keeps changing year by year.

We want to bring transparency, sense of justice and an approach of genuine appreciation in this field.


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